Simple Draw Down strategy

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Simple Draw Down strategy

The simple Draw Down strategy

The simple Draw Down strategy allows the user to monitor the drawdown of the closed positions. This data can be used as a part of the user's own money management system.

Strategy operates by the following rules:

  • The strategy stops when the resulting drawdown of the closed position is less than preselected “Shutdown @ MaxDrawDown” value.
  • The user can specify the start values for the DrawDown and LossCounter paraemters. It is recommended to remember these values after each instance of the strategy and use them in the next instance for the corresponding settings: “DrawDown From Last Run” and “LossCounter From Last Run”
  • The strategy opens a buy/sell position every 10 candles to demo the drawdown features.
  • The user is able to use the ‘info’ command to display the current DrawDown and LossCounter values while the strategy is running.

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