Zone Trade indicator

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Zone Trade indicator

Zone Trade indicator

The original Zone Trade indicator is based on the fourth dimension of B. Williams - Trading Zone.

This indicator operates with the data of Awesome Oscillator (AO) and Acceleration/Deceleration Oscillator (AC ) and shows Green, Red or Gray zones on the chart according to the following conditions:

If the current bars of AC and AO are green, the zone will be painted green.
If the current bars of АС and АО are red, the zone will be painted red.
If the bars of AC and AO have different directions, the zone will be painted gray.

This is a modification of the Zone Trade indicator that repaints candles in the corresponding color (Green, Red or Gray).

In our system the indicator is presented as Oscillator that shows not only Zone’s color, but also the difference between close and open rates for each candle.

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